We offer a wide variety of Controllable Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ). You can control PTZ Cameras Up, Down, Left, and Right, enabling you to focus in on subjects or objects. You can also control PTZ cameras over the Internet, Cell Phones, and Tablets. In addition, PTZ cameras can be programmed to do "automatic tours" based on your monitoring requirements. All of our PTZ Cameras have high powered ZOOM Lenses, so you can monitor objects up to 300 yards away. Our PTZ Cameras can be conveniently used both indoor and outdoor. Setting up our PTZ Cameras is simple and easy by using the same cable as any other camera.  Take advantage of HD 1080p Video with a Camera that can capture the tiniest of details. All of our Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras are In-stock for Immediate Shipping.

PTZ Controllable Cameras